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Happy Murals

Happy murals wall mural artist.

A quick 'hello' from your artist


Thank you for wanting to jazz up your world with a fun, bright design. We certainly need more walls that make us smile! I look forward to sharing my talents with you and creating something special, uplifting and uniquely yours.


Call me on 07952 063695 for a no-obligation chat and let's get your mural makeover started.


Creatively yours,



Each project begins with an informal chat about your wishes and ideas. If you're unsure about what you want, we'll brainstorm together. If you are working to a specific budget, we can explore what options are available within that range.

How it works...

London mural artist Sam Cowan of Happy Murals creating bright, happy art for the Evelina London Children's Hospital

A bit about Sam...

Ever since her kindergarten days, Sam has loved doing art. As well as painting murals, she also cartoons and is proud and delighted to have won two national art competitions (2015 and 2017).